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I am a massive consumer of all kinds of music. I have created playlists of various styles and genres from both my research and listening pleasure. I love to turn others on to great music. Enjoy.

North Mississippi Blues

This playlist consists of all the greatness that came out of and still comes out of North Mississippi as well as all those that were/are heavily influenced by the Hill Country Blues and Cotton Patch Soul Blues.

Roots Gospel Blues

This is the origin of western music. This is the roots and foundation of the blues. It all started here. My favorites are the Field Hollers and Prison Work songs. Thanks to all those that documented this early music and American invention.

Real Blues

This playlist is for anyone looking to hear the real blues. This is where it all came together. These are the originators of the true American invention. My faves are Mississippi Fred McDowell, Son House, and Blind Willie McTell


Gotta get this in your earholes. I am a huge P-Funk fan and funk music in general. I even recorded an entire CD of P-Funk Tribute tunes. My favorites are The Meters and Funkadelic.

Trip Hop Chill

Sometimes you just gotta chill. Trip Hop is a music genre that consists of gigantic soundscapes and lucious melodies. My favorite is DJ Shadow and Funci Porcini.

Classic Rock 60s, 70s, 80s

My go-to playlist when I am hanging by the pool or sitting around a campfire. I was born in ’69 and have a brother 5 years my senior so I was privy to all the good jams growing up.

Old Country

No “New Country” here. This Spotify playlist is focused on all the country music greats with a heavy dose of good-ole’ Outlaw Country. It’s honky-tonk time ya’ll.


In the early 90s, I discovered Jazz. I am still mad to this day that no one ever turned me onto Jazz when I was younger. Jazz opened my mind. I started playing saxophone and begin a journey that changed my life. I recorded a CD, playing Fender Rhodes of Miles Davis like jams.  My favorites are Coltrane, Sonny Rollins Yusef Lateef and Cannonball Adderly

Surf – Old & New

I really love the tonal aspects of surf music with its luscious waves of reverb and silvery vocals. This music, fathered by the Beach Boys, has grown into its own vibrant genre. One of my favorite current purveyor of this today is The Beach Fossils.

I Need New Music Facebook Group

I also love to experience new music. Back in the days of CDs, I would spend hours sifting through used CD stores ever looking for that next CD that would change my life. Now with streaming music I lean on social media to experience new music. I created a Facebook group and Spotify playlist called, I Need New Music, for like-minded lovers of music to share new and old music for all of us to fall in love with.


Janky Blues Royalty Session in Holly Springs, MS

Janky Blues Royalty Session in Holly Springs, MS

I have started a non-profit organization set up to help blues musicians get their music out there. I have been recording blues guys and gals for years for free including Reverend KM Williams, EJ Mathews, The Kimbrough Brothers, and Robert Kimbrough to name a few....

Inside Junior Kimbrough’s Juke Joint (A Pictorial Glance)

Inside Junior Kimbrough’s Juke Joint (A Pictorial Glance)

I am always fascinated by all that went on in Junior Kimbrough's infamous Juke Joint just west of Holly Springs, Mississippi. I have been there several times over the years but all that remains is a wall of kudzu and a few beer can pull tabs beside the road.  I have...

Janky @ Festival Terri’ Thouars France

Janky @ Festival Terri’ Thouars France

I had such an amazing time at this great festival in Thouars, France. Everyone was so welcoming and it is such a beautiful place. I was invited to headline this great festival two years ago but COVID had other plans. So after a two-year postponement, it happened. I...

Qui Qui. Passer Un Bon Moment en France

Qui Qui. Passer Un Bon Moment en France

France is treating Janky right. I have been here for a few days and I love it. So far, I have been given a tour of a winery by one of the owners, played in a castle, eaten a ton of great food, and met the most amazing people. The best is yet to come. I play Saturday...

Janky Geared Up on The YouTube

Janky Geared Up on The YouTube

I love helping people decide on Guitars by doing in-depth guitar reviews so I have geared up the Youtube. You can find reviews on both cheap and expensive guitars as well as Fender Rhodes and guitar amps.Check out my YouTube channel for more cool stuff....

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