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“Janky’s music, although simple in its structure, strikes deeply into human consciousness. The drive of the distorted guitars, the randy-ness of the harmonica combined with the incessant drive of the drums create a powerful music.”

“An intoxicating and infectious release full of hypnotic blues tones throughout.”

“Janky purveys a rugged yet riveting archival style and propels it further with a stomp, strut, and swagger. It’s an insistent approach that propels the music forward while giving it the grit and gravitas it deserves.”

Janky is an Austin, TX singer/songwriter-bluesman on a mission to bring “good-time vibes” back to the blues. Janky is right at home busking on a street corner, playing a no-stage bar, or making a big venue feel like a juke joint. Janky focuses on The Hill Country Blues of North Mississippi made famous by R.L. Burnside and Mississippi Fred McDowell. This style of blues is always a crowd pleaser with its old gospel beats and percussive guitar riffs that make the crowd move.

Janky was mentored in this Hill Country Blues style by the Texas blues great, Reverend KM Williams. Besides playing bass for the Reverend, Janky produced and recorded five of the Rev’s CDs and has toured all over with him.

Janky has four full-length releases slap full of Hill Country Blues with the most recent two being Grammy contenders.

Janky’s record label, ReverbUnit, has produced six CDs for Robert Kimbrough, the son of the legendary juke joint performer Junior Kimbrough. Janky played lead guitar on Robert’s fourth CD, “I Been Fixed,” which was awarded AMG’s Album of the Year. Janky has toured with Robert all over the country and played lead guitar for him at two of the world’s largest blues festivals in Switzerland.

Recently, Janky headlined the Terri’ Thouars Festival in France, bringing his electrifying blues to an international audience.

Janky’s passion for music extends beyond his personal career, as he started a non-profit record label called BluesFund.com to support blues musicians who don’t have the financial resources to release their music. Under this label, he has recorded Lil’ Joe Ayers and Peggy Sue Hemphill, aka Lady Trucker.

He performs with his full band, The Juke Joint Boys, or as a duo with his trusted harp player Cody Cotton, using foot drums to keep the rhythm. If you’re looking for authentic blues music, be sure to catch Janky at one of the many venues and festivals across the southern United States.