Great bad review gets people to listen to Janky

So I found this awesome review online at Although it is factually wrong and quite insane it definitely drives the reader to check out my music and maybe buy a CD. Here is the review…

There’s a name in the blues, Janky. Does anyone know that madman? Who allows him to go on stage and give a concert, as if he is a musician, as if he knows how to play, we are preparing an article about him. Our reliable sources inform us that this damn fool has just been discharged from the Psychiatric Hospital and he is still not completely cured, and it is difficult to cure. He himself admitted that he is a fool, idiot and a bum, we can only sympathize with him and advise him to stay away from the music industry, especially the blues.

Turns out. This Simon Sargsyan guy is a scammer disguised as a music journalist. There is a website which proves this. He solicits an interview and then charges you for an ad. If you do not pay he goes off his rocker.

This guy is milking up-and-coming musicians. He typically says he is going to “ruin you.”

Anyhow. I got shirts for sale. Hit me up if you want one.

Junior Kimbrough’s Juke Joint on Google Earth

Few people know that you can scrub back in time on Google Earth revealing all kinds of fun historical stuff. I even found Hitler's lair before we bombed it into oblivion (mess with the US and Allies and find out). I went through the years and found Junior's Juke Joint outside of Holly Springs, Mississippi. Here is a Google Earth breakdown. Enjoy.


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