Blues Matters Magazine CBG Review: “An intoxicating and infectious release”

I am honored by the review of CBG Throwdown by the best UK blues rag, Blues Matters. Blues Matters’ writer Colin Campbell dug deep into my 2022 release. This is my 4th full-length release and I am encouraged by the feedback I have received from this magazine and others.

Reverb Unit Records

Hailing from Austin Texas Scott Lindsey is a creative badass, at least that is one his professions relating to being. photographer. Here on his fourth release under the name of Janky he concentrates on producing bad ass guitar work, by way of Cigar Box Guitars, four at least used on this nine-song compendium, soaked in the Hill Country blues style of genre. These are stomping tracks, eight written by Janky to make the listener feelgood and the music transports you to another place in time. He is a great singer also and his Texan drawl delivered with vengeance on these tracks, it is the guitar playing that’s the starring role with him playing Cigar Box and bass.

It starts with 71118, an upbeat rousing tune, with Cody Cotton adding harmonica and Cole Kenning on drums, a phenomenal tune with catchy chorus and hooks throughout. My Mississippi Lady keeps the tone going with a chugging beat, and dextrous guitar work. You Must Be The Devil’s Favourite has a heavy bass tone and rhythm throughout with visceral lyrics. Kiss Yo’self has a rockier feel, the band cranking up the tempo here, a song about keeping a positive mental attitude, mellow harmonica tones mix well with driving bass. Sweet Disposition keeps the rocky rhythm going. Shake It On Down is a superb laid back Texan blues feelgood tune. The Love Reflector again is full of groove and tone, a real highlight. Last song, You Gotta Have That True Religion is heart-warming gospel. An intoxicating and infectious release full of hypnotic blues tones throughout.



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