Lady Trucker gets Janky CD

Last year I loaded my recording gear and drove up to the blues mecca, Holly Springs, MS and recorded some blues royalty in two sessions as part of my non-profit Blues Fund. One with Joe Ayers and Trenton Ayers and one with Peggy Sue Hemphill Lesueur aka Lady Trucker who is related to one of my huge influences, Jessie Mae Hemphill. The guitar player was a no-show so I learned the songs and gifted her a song I wrote. Tim Scruggs was on drums and Kevin Spight was on bass. This is Hill Country Blues, which refers to the Hill Country of North Mississippi, not Texas. Peggy’s family is a big part of the Hill Country Blues sound. Peggy is also married to Artemas Lesueur who tours with Cedric Brandnew Burnside. This was a down-and-dirty session recorded in a Janky style which fits perfectly with the Hill Country Sound.

Lady Trucker

Junior Kimbrough’s Juke Joint on Google Earth

Few people know that you can scrub back in time on Google Earth revealing all kinds of fun historical stuff. I even found Hitler's lair before we bombed it into oblivion (mess with the US and Allies and find out). I went through the years and found Junior's Juke Joint outside of Holly Springs, Mississippi. Here is a Google Earth breakdown. Enjoy.


Lady Trucker Release

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