Janky Discography

I love to make music. I have spent most of my life learning to make music as well as the methods and technology to record it. I enjoy producing all kinds of music. I do not limit myself to one style either. Blues is my main love but I have played and recorded anything from jazz to funk to rock and roll and sometimes a combination of all of the above. My record label is ReverbUnit and I release music that I like.

CBG Throwdown

C.B.G. Throwdown finds Janky bringing a release that focuses exclusively on cigar box guitar. This 9-song release is Janky’s 4th CD in his catalog. Janky features Cody Cotton on harp who played on Hill Country Foot Stomp and Janky’s go-to drummer, the amazing Cole Koenning. Janky’s CBG arsenal on this CD is a handful of custom-built cigar box guitars. Janky learned to play the cigar box guitar from his mentor, Reverend KM Williams and was heavily influenced by Richard Johnston. Janky’s CBGs include a double-neck Lowbowe (made by John Lowe) which is a 1-string bass and a 3-string guitar all in one, a double-string Lowebowe very similar to the one KM played, a 3-string Hambone tuned to Eb open, and lastly, a Hi-Tone 4 string CBG tuned to open G. Janky comments that “the simplicity of an instrument like cigar box guitars or its origin the Diddley Bow makes you really focus on that which is simple. You can’t really get lost and overdo it on 2 strings. My double-neck Lowebowe is a bass player and guitar player in one and you will never find those guys veering from one another – they always share the same groove and slide.”

This CD was mastered by Chuck Ebert at The Cabin Record Co. near Ft. Worth, Texas. Chuck is a multiple Grammy winner and has been friends with Janky since Janky was a teenager in Shreveport, La.

Chuck Eberts thoughts on CBG Throwdown,

Truly, this music is like no other. A true niche! No wonder it’s called Janky!
The unique cigar box guitars tell their stories in the hands of the Janky man while the incredible harp playing takes you on a soulful musical journey. The vocals are real with just the right amount of charisma. It’s a masterful combination of rawness and talent for a one of a kind juke joint, Janky experience! Nothing else like it!


Lady Trucker – Rollin’ Up On Ya

Janky: Producer, Guitar, Song Writer

Last year I loaded my recording gear and drove up to the blues mecca, Holly Springs, MS and recorded some blues royalty in two sessions as part of my non-profit Blues Fund. One with Joe Ayers and Trenton Ayers and one with Peggy Sue Hemphill Lesueur aka Lady Trucker who is related to one of my huge influences, Jessie Mae Hemphill. The guitar player was a no-show so I learned the songs and gifted her a song I wrote. Tim Scruggs was on drums and Kevin Spight was on bass. This is Hill Country Blues, which refers to the Hill Country of North Mississippi, not Texas. Peggy’s family is a big part of the Hill Country Blues sound. Peggy is also married to Artemas Lesueur who tours with Cedric Brandnew Burnside. This was a down-and-dirty session recorded in a Janky style which fits perfectly with the Hill Country Sound.
Lady Trucker

Hill Country Foot Stomp

Janky’s third CD, Hill Country Foot Stomp, is nine, foot-stompin’ tracks on North Mississippi Hill Country Blues goodness. This CD was recorded by Janky in his Dallas & Austin studio. It is a hard-hitting North Mississippi Hill Country Blues focused CD. Janky plays all instruments including his One Man Band Drum Co, foot drum with Austin harmonica player Cody Cotton playing harp on almost every track. When Janky’s drummer moved to California, Janky decided to take matters into his own hands and do a full CD using only suitcase foot-drums. This CD sound quality is off-the-chart yet still retains that Janky sound with producer Chuck Ebert at Axon Entertainment manning the mastering.

Holly Springs, TX

The title and music are drawn from Janky’s influences from the music of Holly Springs, MS — the juke joint blues styles of David “Junior” Kimbrough and R.L. Burnside. Janky leans more on the Hill Country Blues side (R.L. Burnside) than Cotton Patch Soul Blues (Junior Kimbrough) but both styles are represented on this release. Holly Springs, TX is so titled since Robert Kimbrough Sr., son of Junior Kimbrough and Holly Springs, MS resident, plays drums on all but three tracks played by Janky himself. Robert’s drum beats add legitimacy and a certain level of “oomph” to Janky’s guitar riffs. Janky has his longtime blues traveler David “Hurricane” Hayden on harmonica, as well as old The 1969s bandmate, Landon Kirksey.

Them Grackles

Them Grackles is my first self-produced CD as Janky. Most of the songs were written while busking in Deep Ellum with drummer Sal Torneo. I invited Sal over and basically busked for the studio mics. The great harmonica player Jeff Stone played harp on most of the tracks. You can also hear my mentor, Reverend KM Williams, dropping knowledge on his band on the first track.

Janky – Singles

Robert Kimbrough I Been Fixed (Janky on Lead Guitar & Producer)

Janky produced, engineered, mixed, and played guitar on this Cotton Patch Soul Blues original CD by Robert Kimbrough, Sr. Recorded in Janky’s studio in Dallas, TX. This release also won the coveted AMG Album of the Year. Janky has also been to Switzerland twice playing lead for Robert Kimbrough, Sr son of the great blues legend Junior Kimbrough.

EJ Mathews King of the Barnyard (Janky on Bass Guitar & Producer)

Janky produced, engineered, mixed, and played bass on this EJ Mathews breakout CD, King of The Barn Yard. Recorded in Janky’s studio in Dallas, TX.