Hill Country Foot Stomp (Compact Disc)

Janky’s third CD, Hill Country Foot Stomp, is nine, foot-stompin’ tracks on North Mississippi Hill Country Blues goodness. This CD was recorded by Janky in his Dallas & Austin studio. It is a hard-hitting North Mississippi Hill Country Blues focused CD. Janky plays all instruments including his One Man Band Drum Co, foot drum with Austin harmonica player Cody Cotton playing harp on almost every track. When Janky’s drummer moved to California, Janky decided to take matters into his own hands and do a full CD using only suitcase foot-drums. This CD sound quality is off-the-chart yet still retains that Janky sound with producer Chuck Ebert at Axon Entertainment manning the mastering.

Janky breathes new life into juke joint grooves and revitalizes tradition. These songs are able to successfully recreate blues and rock into a modern era. The only way to create music with roots like these is you have to do the real work of learning and playing with the real blues musicians that were part of creating this genre. I know Janky has done so. This release sounds like a full kick-butt, seasoned blues band. It’s hard to believe that he recorded this while playing country blues guitar, singing, and playing foot drums. The guitars and harmonica give these songs the ability to lift off the ground of tradition with the shout of a new sound for Hill Country Blues.  A new voice for the blues!

Bill Abel


“Janky shows his love for hill-country blues, cotton patch blues in his life and his dedication to bringing something new to the table on this record. He’s got just as much cross-over potential as any musician playing in those genres. Very focused production. Wishing him lots of success with spreading this hard work.”

Richard Johnston


“It’s been years since I’ve heard something that moved me down to the bone! It’s so JANKY!” – Chuck Ebert Grammy Award-Winning Producer




1. Ain’t No Reason It’s Just Because

2. On My Way Down

3. You Like Mississippi Kudzu

4. Three Ways From Sunday

5. Southern Vapors

6. Let’r Go

7. Sho’nuff Don’t Know

8. Damn These Old Long Days

9. North Mississippi Amazing Grace



All songs written by Janky sans Amazing Grace
Janky: vocals, guitars, bass & suitcase foot drum
Cody cotton: harmonica & backing vocals
Ilana Katz Katz: fiddle on N MS Amazing Grace
Jessona: Back Vocals on N MS Amazing Grace
Nikki Marie: Back Vocals on N MS Amazing Grace
Harp tracked @ CottonMowfth Studios – Blue, TX
Mastered by Chuck Ebert @ Axon Entertainment
Recorded @ Janky Studio – Dallas & Austin, TX
Produced & Engineered by Janky
Footdrum: OneManBandDrumCo.Com


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Special thanks to Jesus, Pam, Moms & Pops, Robert Kimbrough Sr, Chuck Ebert, Richard Johnston, Bill Abel, Sean Apple, Tracy Lindsey, David Pippin, Erick Diard, Bobby Mann, David Hayden, Chris Greta, Marco Quesada, Mac Bain, Christophe Goffette, Kinney Kimbrough, Hi-Tone Guitars, Kameron Overturf, JW “dubber” Hammett, Blair Sparkman, Jason Reed, John Lowe, Clay Stinnett, Darrin Kobetich, Eddie Willis, Bradley & Keri Springs, Rev KM Williams, BIG A, Jeff Stone, Amy & Robert Baker, Junior Kimbrough, R.L. Burnside & All N. MS Musicians.

Dedicated to the memory of David Kimbrough, Jr


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