Janky @ Festival Terri’ Thouars France

I had such an amazing time at this great festival in Thouars, France. Everyone was so welcoming and it is such a beautiful place.

I was invited to headline this great festival two years ago but COVID had other plans. So after a two-year postponement, it happened. I flew into Paris and took the train to Angers, France. The organizer picked me up at the Angers train station and took me to the festival’s home, Thouars, France. I toured vineyards and castles. There were several events throughout the week with amazing musicians and great food and wine.

We went to the local high school on Wednesday and worked with the student musicians. They performed the songs for the other students on Thursday, and they did great. We then took the stage and performed a set of Delta and Hill Country blues for all the students. They had a great time and hopefully love the blues now even more so.

The festival’s Friday lineup was spot on with great sets from all. I was blown away by my drummer Denis Agenet’s set where he played drums and sang his originals.

On Saturday, after many great blues acts, I finished the festival with a set of songs mostly from my CDs. My music was well received and I had a standing ovation for an encore. The band consisted of Denis Agenet on drums, Abdell B Bop on upright bass, and Bo Weavil on harp. They killed. I am honored to have played with such great musicians.

I did something really fun on stage that I would like to note. So, near the end of my set, I told the audience, “My daughter often asks me, “Dad, you are a little bit famous, right?”  I always reply, “Maybe a little bit.” So, at the end of the festival, I held out my phone in selfie video mode and told the audience, “On the count of three, I want everyone to say ‘Bonsoir, Maisy.'” The crowd did so in a roar. I then ended the selfie video by saying “See, I am famous.” I guess a little in France.

We all had a juke Sunday evening at a local bar with great food, beer, and wine.

I then went to Paris to stay for a few days and take in the sights and sounds. I want to give a huge shoutout to Vincent Blue Delsupexhe and his family for his massive hospitality while in Paris. He lives right around the block from the hotel where I stayed.

It goes without saying… MUCH LOVE to Erick Diard and all the Blues & Co staff. 

Qui Qui. Passer Un Bon Moment en France

Qui Qui. Passer Un Bon Moment en France

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Janky Geared Up on The YouTube

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