Blues Rules Switzerland was OFF THE CHAIN

Wow. Wow. Wow. Blues Rules sure does know how to throw a proper blues party. Top artists, great sound team, great food and amazing people.

I played Friday night on the main stage with the great Lady Trucker, Jessie Mae Hemphill’s cousin. The sound on stage was great and we had a blast like little school kids on a roller coaster ride.

Saturday I kicked of the day at 5 pm on the corner stage then I did a 15-minute set on the 45 of every hour. As soon as the main stage act finished the corner stage sound guy would tell me to start. then at the top of the hour, the next act would take the stage.

This festival has a special place in my heart.


2023 Blues Rules Festival - Crissier, Switzerland

Junior Kimbrough Quote – Cotton Patch Blues

“See, I have a different type of music from other peoples. They playing the other kind of blues, and I'm playing cotton-patch blues.Ain't nobody now can play the blues that I play.”
— Junior Kimbrough


Junior Kimbrough Quotes - One Chord

Junior Kimbrough Quote – One Chord

“My songs, they have just the one chord, there's none of that fancy stuff you hear now, with lots of chords in one song. If I find another chord I leave it for another song.”
— Junior Kimbrough


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