Blues Rules Switzerland was OFF THE CHAIN

Wow. Wow. Wow. Blues Rules sure does know how to throw a proper blues party. Top artists, great sound team, great food and amazing people. I played Friday night on the main stage with the great Lady Trucker, Jessie Mae Hemphill's cousin. The sound on stage was great...

Great bad review gets people to listen to Janky Magazine gives an insanely great writeup about Janky.

2023 Juke Joint Fest was LIT

I had a blast at this year's Juke Joint Fest in Clarksdale, MS. Amazing music, and amazing people. Great memories. Cody Cotton and I left Austin bound for Dallas to pick up a Juke Joint Boy regular Clay Stinnet – he is one of my favorite people. After a brief stop at...

Janky Juking at 2023 Juke Joint Fest

This year's 20th anniversary of the Juke Joint festival finds Janky bringing the Good-Time Blues to the best blues festival in America. Janky has been attending this festival for years originally with Reverend KM Williams. Janky is playing at Red's before Robert...

Janky @ Blues Rules Switzerland this June 2023

I am honored to return to Blues Rules Crissier, Switzerland this year. I played lead for Robert. Kimbrough a few years back at this festival and it is TOP NOTCH! Super friendly people. This year is a special treat as it is a tribute to the great Jessie Mae Hemphill,...

Junior Kimbrough in National Geographic

I was rummaging through some old National Geographics and I stumbled across an article from 1989 that depicts and talks about Junior Kimbrough's juke joint and family. The article is FAULKNER'S MISSISSIPPI on page 313. This is in Volume 175 No. 3 from March of 1989....

Wow. Great Blues Blast Magazine Review of CBG Throwdown

I am honored by the review Blues Blast Magazine gave on my latest CD. I love all the shoutouts to my bandmates Cody Cotton and Cole Koenning. I had fun recording this CD and its nice to see that someone is noticing all my lyric nuances. Writing lyrics is the hardest...

Lady Trucker gets Janky CD

Last year I loaded my recording gear and drove up to the blues mecca, Holly Springs, MS and recorded some blues royalty in two sessions as part of my non-profit Blues Fund. One with Joe Ayers and Trenton Ayers and one with Peggy Sue Hemphill Lesueur aka Lady Trucker...

Blues Matters Magazine CBG Review: “An intoxicating and infectious release”

I am honored by the review of CBG Throwdown by the best UK blues rag, Blues Matters. Blues Matters' writer Colin Campbell dug deep into my 2022 release. This is my 4th full-length release and I am encouraged by the feedback I have received from this magazine and...

Lady Trucker Release

Janky has gone from writing songs about Jessie Mae Hemphill to playing with and producing a Hemphill. In 2023 Janky produced and played guitar on Peggy Sue Hemphill Lesueur aka Lady Trucker's release Rollin' Up On Ya. "I am honored to play with blues royalty. It is...



Junior Kimbrough Quote – Cotton Patch Blues

“See, I have a different type of music from other peoples. They playing the other kind of blues, and I'm playing cotton-patch blues.Ain't nobody now can play the blues that I play.”
— Junior Kimbrough


Junior Kimbrough Quotes - One Chord

Junior Kimbrough Quote – One Chord

“My songs, they have just the one chord, there's none of that fancy stuff you hear now, with lots of chords in one song. If I find another chord I leave it for another song.”
— Junior Kimbrough


Spotify Playlists

I have created playlists of various styles and genres from both my research and listening pleasure.


Ghost Town Grooves

Janky took his harmonica player hunting. They both got huge 8-point bucks. On the way back they...



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