Inside Junior Kimbrough’s Juke Joint (A Pictorial Glance)

I am always fascinated by all that went on in Junior Kimbrough’s infamous Juke Joint just west of Holly Springs, Mississippi. I have been there several times over the years but all that remains is a wall of kudzu and a few beer can pull tabs beside the road.  I have captured quite a number of images of Junior’s Juke Joint back in the day. Some images are from the BBQ Shack in Holly Springs, MS. I would like to spearhead an effort to get a marker and a sitting area put in at the old location.

Below is a gallery of all the images I could get inside and outside of Junior’s Juke Joints. You will see many common faces including Kinney (Kent) Kimbrough, Duwayne Burnside, Gary Burnside and of course the many danced-up attendees at this American treasure.

Janky Stage Plot

Janky getting professional with this fancy-smancy Stage Plot. This helps the sound guy or gal...



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