Them Grackles (Digital Download)

Yep. Jam slap your ear holes with 14 spicy tunes. Special guest, Jeff Stone kills it on the harp as well as Harry Hoggard and Landon Lee Kirksey. The 1969s drummer, Sal Torneo, on most of the drum tracks. Great for any occasion but goes extra special well with bar-room brawls and long 18-wheeler drives across the south.

This 14 song release digs deep into the roots of the blues while adding touches that would hopefully appease the great blues legends like Jr Kimbrough & RL Burnside. A self-produced release, chock-full of foot-stompin’, good-time music and spot-on harmonica accompaniment.

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Song List:
01. Yo Ear To Here
02. Crazy ain’t no excuse
03. Louisiana Beer Stains
04. The Devil Came Betwixt Us
05. You A Libertine
06. I Believe…
07. Them Dogs Are Comin’*
08. Too Much Jonesin‘
09. Lord Don’t Like It**
10. Black Water Roots
11. My Pops Talks Jukes
12. Keep Runnin’, MS
14. Gonna Get up on my way

Janky: Vocals,Guitars,Bass,Organs,Some Drums
“Deacon” Jeff Stone: Harmonica
Sal Torneo: Drums- Tracks 2,4,5,10,12,14
Landon Kirksey: Harmonica- Track 3
Harry Hoggard: Harmonica- Track11
Macie Elizabeth: GuestVocals- Track6

Produced,Recorded,Mixed & Mastered by Janky
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