Janky – Guitars & Growlers & Good Times Single (Digital Download)


Fun tune using a Hi-Tone cigar box guitar and a simple foot-drum setup.


Written and recorded for Guitars & Growlers in Dallas. Janky often performed here before moving to Austin.

Guitars & Growlers & good times

its where you wanna be

Guitars & Growlers & good times

yeah get some for me.

Pickups & pints & parties

goin down in BIG D

Bocks & Porters & Pale Ales

Yeah it’s all for me

Chorus ———

Tuners & frets & diddly-bos

Yeah & C B Gs

Taps & Jams & Brown Ales

yeah its all for me

Chorus ———

Dales Pale Ale and Love Street

yeah Hefeweizen too

Hambones, Sullys & Hi-Tones

handbuilts for some tunes

Chorus ———

Deep Ellum Brews and Steam Punks

damn look at that head

Taps and Flights of Locals

Yeah you can even get fed