Danky Janky – One Man Band Drum Co Suitcase Foot Drum

Check this custom made busking suitcase foot-drum set. This OneManBand Drum Co. creation was made at the request of Janky to complete his busking setup. This old suitcase was outfitted by Myler Russo at OneManBand Drum Co. with a kick drum on the right foot and a snare on the left foot. Janky added the DW LowBoy. Janky made some customization by adding rope lighting and a street sign. This foot-drum sounds great and plays great. Please check OneManBand Drum Co online. https://reverb.com/shop/mylers-gear-d… Check out Janky at http://www.GetJanky.comhttps://www.facebook.com/GetJanky/

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