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CDYep. It’s a “Two-Fer”. The First 50 orders of this 14 song CD featuring some of the best harp playing west of the Mississippi, get a FREE The 1969s – I Am The Road CD.

This 14 song release digs deep into the roots of the blues while adding touches that would hopefully appease the great blues legends like Jr Kimbrough & RL Burnside. A self-produced release, chock-full of foot stompin’, good-time music and spot-on harmonica accompaniment.

Song List:
01. Yo Ear To Here
02. Crazy ain’t no excuse
03. Louisiana Beer Stains
04. The Devil Came Betwixt Us
05. You A Libertine
06. I Believe…
07. Them Dogs Are Comin’*
08. Too Much Jonesin‘
09. Lord Don’t Like It**
10. Black Water Roots
11. My Pops Talks Jukes
12. Keep Runnin’, MS
14. Gonna Get up on my way

Janky: Vocals,Guitars,Bass,Organs,Some Drums
“Deacon” Jeff Stone: Harmonica
Sal Torneo: Drums- Tracks 2,4,5,10,12,14
Landon Kirksey: Harmonica- Track 3
Harry Hoggard: Harmonica- Track11
Macie Elizabeth: GuestVocals- Track6

Produced,Recorded,Mixed & Mastered by Janky
[email protected]

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