Creating Non-Profit to help blues musicians called the BluesFund

I have been recording blues musicians for years. I have also been doing this at no cost to the musicians. I have recorded the likes of EJ Mathews, Reverend KM Williams, The Kimbrough Brothers, Robert Kimbrough Sr, Peggy Sue Hemphill aka Lady Trucker, Trenton Ayers, and Little Joe Ayers. This has been 100% free to these musicians. Robert Kimbrough Sr and I won AMD’s (Artist’s Musician’s Guild) Album of the year on one of these releases.

So, I have decided to take this to the non-profit side so I can help more blues musicians. More to come on the BLUESFUND.

Janky in Terri'Thouars Blues

Janky in France

I am super excited that I will be playing the blues in France this March for the Terri' Thouars...


Janky Stage Plot

Janky getting professional with this fancy-smancy Stage Plot. This helps the sound guy or gal...



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