Blues Matters Magazine Talks About Thouars

I had a blast meeting the Blues Matters team in Thouars, France. I am honored of their review of my performance.

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Bringing the festival to a close for 2022, Austin, Texas, picker Janky – aka Scott Lindsay – turned in a cracking set that again had the theatre crowd howling for more as the night drew to a close. Backed by Denis Agenet and the excellent French upright bassist, Abdel Be-Bop, Janky comes from the Mississippi Hill Country school of blues but has a tad more standard blues blood running through his veins. The result was a genuinely surprising set that featured mostly his own work and writing, while managing to feel rooted in tradition.

Janky in Terri'Thouars Blues

Janky in France

I am super excited that I will be playing the blues in France this March for the Terri' Thouars...


Janky Stage Plot

Janky getting professional with this fancy-smancy Stage Plot. This helps the sound guy or gal...



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